Therapy Tips

Despite the fact that clients intiate treatment services with therapists and not the other way around, it is often the case in treatment that clients will, at some point, not know what to talk about.  There may be a number of reasons for this: a client may have been in therapy for a while and feel that everything under the sun has already been addressed, a client may be stuck in the old "problem-of-the-week" mode of doing therapy and did not experience any new problems during the past week, a client may be struggling with self-reflection or with prioritizing issues, or in the case with minors, may simply feel forced to attend and be resistant to the process. For those of us who have struggled with a perceived lack of content in therapy, I offer the following article.  It is part of an ongoing series of interesting articles on therapy put out by the Huffington Post. Good luck, Dr. S   What to Talk About In Therapy